The EM Research Organisation (EMRO®) specialises in microbial research related to Effective Microorganisms developed by Prof Teruo Higa.

In its development of the cultivation technology of EM, EMRO® gives priority to lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria. EMRO® also focuses on the study of fermentation control and the production of anti-oxidative materials.

With the spread of EM Technology, numerous EM-related products have been developed in various fields of industry. By applying the know-how gained from years of experience in research and development of EM Technology, EMRO has achieved many positive results in product development. EMRO strives to continually develop new products that would meet the demands of a wide range of needs in a great variety of environments and societies.

The new EM centre at Empri Nature Centre, Modimolle

Quality control of EM products

EMRO® supports its authorised partners around the globe by sending out technicians on a regular basis to advise and assist with technical instruction, the selection of raw materials, control of the manufacturing processes, as well as quality control and application of EM•1® .

At present EM•1® is produced in 59 countries and distributed to more than more than 120 countries. Apart from the EM Competency License and Assistance Agreement with its many partners worldwide, EMRO also shares its goals of spreading EM Technology and establishing a society of coexistence and co-prosperity by means of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

Mr. Fukugauchi of EMRO Japan admires the bokashi produced at Empri Nature Centre Modimolle

EMRO considers the company’s trademarks and the goodwill they represent to be among its most valuable assets. EMRO’s trademarks ensure consumers that the products they purchase were created, developed, manufactured and sold by an authorised EMRO licence holder and that those products represent the standards of excellence and consistent quality that customers have come to associate with EMRO.