Dori’s Story

By Caroline Addenbrooke

Horse Owner:

I’ve always been interested in healthy ways of living because I’ve struggled over the years with niggling ill health. Not enough to put me in hospital, but enough to make me sufficiently uncomfortable to look for alternative ways of managing my body.

Many years ago I came across Prof. Teruo Higa’s Effective Microorganisms (EM). They related mainly to agriculture but were unavailable in South Africa at that time, so I forgot about them. Then a horsewoman I greatly admire recently told me she’d seen very good results with horses that were fed a probiotic called EM.

Not one to give just about anything to my horse, I found an EM product for humans, bought a bottle and tried it out on myself. The results were spectacular. Long-standing dry eczema on my back and hands cleared up. Within a fortnight my energy levels had shot up, and my ongoing bothersome acid-reflux had disappeared. It was the only thing I’d added to my diet, so I had to recognize the possibility that EM was at least part of the reason for the changes.

One of the long-standing issues I’d been unable to resolve with Dori, was her excessive large grass belly. Walking behind her, her tummy extended two inches on either side of her rump as though she was pregnant. She also suffered a type of grass mange on her face I’d been unable to fully get rid of. I bought a twenty-liter barrel of original A-EM from EM Life, and lugged it out to the yard for Dori.

Within six weeks of starting the EM, the grass-belly had trimmed down and she was looking like her younger race-horse self. The hair was growing back on her face and patches of rain scald that had developed on her back with the first rains were healing. As the warm weather arrived, her winter coat transformed into a glossy summer one, and although I can’t say for sure how she feels, she seems to be more comfortable in herself. Two other horses at the yard started on the EM at the same time as Dori, and were having similar results. They were glowing: healthy skin, sleek coats and spans of energy.

Dori has been on EM for more than six months and I’m thrilled with what I see. It is part of her regular feed regime now, and I will continue to provide it for her.


21 Aug 2015: Dori when I first met her ...

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30 May 2017: Living out with good food and plenty of grazing ....

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Dori – rain scald in November ‘18

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15 June 2019: My lovely girl (after six months of EM supplementation): Trim tummy, no mange, and a glossy winter coat.

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  • (EM) creates a healthy microbiome in horse’s digestive system.
  • (EM) increases the availability of the amino acid content of feed.
  • (EM)  improves digestion and reduces stomach distention (grass bellies) in horses.
  • (EM) supports the immune system in horses.
  • (EM) helps to heal dermatitis in horses.
  • (EM) helps heal eczema.
  • (EM) resolves acid reflux.
  • (EM) helps to increase stamina and energy levels in horses