EM for Horses:

EM has been used successfully for horses and is a cost effective way of keeping horses healthy, reducing the spread of disease and keeping stables and arenas clean. EM is excellent at controlling flies on horses and in their environment. EM also eliminates odours, especially pungent horse urine, by breaking down the ammonia and other volatile odourous compounds. If applied correctly to stable litter, the EM will also mitigate the growth of any harmful pathogens that might be present. When the stable litter is ready for disposal, it can be composted along with horse manure to produce a high quality organic compost. EM may also be applied directly to horse manure to control the presence of flies.



Improves overall animal health through boosting the immune system and increasing nutrient absorption. Excellent for ailments such as Colic, Hoof rot, Dermatitis, Eczema, Wounds and Parasites such as worms.



Keeps stables, Paddocks, Corrals, and Indoor Areas clean and fly free by bio-degrading excess organic material and odourous compounds. Flies live and propagate in areas free of putrefying organic matter.


The microorganisms in EM breakdown organic material, volatile compounds and reduce odours associated with manure. Dung and urine are valuable resources when used in conjunction with EM.


Keywords and Phrases:

Controls flies; removes bad odour; suppresses harmful microbes in stables and yards; composts stable bedding fast; removes urine stains on horse; promotes stable hygiene; create healthy stable environment; keep flies off horse's body; cleans horse brushes; removes mould from tack; reduces fly eggs in old bedding and manure heaps; cleans mangers and feeding buckets; reduces spread of disease; disinfects, cleans, removes stains and odours on blankets