Eric's Story

By Caroline Addenbrooke

Earth Centre Project


Eric is elderly now, and he spent his younger years as  an endurance racer. He now spends his time at Earth Centre caring for challenged children and adults, and is adored by all who know him. Eric suffers with skin allergies and dermatitis. He is one of the ponies who is participating in the current EM study at Earth Centre, and these are the early results for his condition.


Baseline on 26 March 2019:


Eric is receiving EM directly into his food and water, and he is being brushed with a diluted solution of EM and clean water. This is the area just above his tail, and the top of his tail dock five days later on 1 April 2019. He is scratching less and appears to be more comfortable. The crusty scabs above his tail also are slightly less prominent.


1 April 2019:


Eric’s tail on 8 April 2019. We found no further evidence of him rubbing his tail.


8 April 2019:


This is a picture taken on 15 April 2019, just after he’s been brushed with EM. There is no evidence of him rubbing since we last visited and photographed him. The folds of skin above his tail also seem to be less prominent.


15 April 2019:


Eric’s tail on 10 May 2019. The hair is growing and there is no evidence of rubbing. The ridged skin just above the tail is also becoming less prominent. He is also looking more comfortable in himself.


10 May 2019: