The following is an excerpt from the book Health Horses by E. Hammes:
Margareth Doth – Tournament Rider and EM consultant.


Margareth Doth lives near Warendorf, Germany close to the North Rhine-Westphalia horse-riding centre. A colleague introduced her to EM. Here she reports her experiences in the first half year of EM use.

In the 5 months of EM use, bad eating habits have desisted. We spray the stalls daily. The horses receive EM in their fodder twice a day.

The stables’ environments have changed advantageously, as there is hardly any smell or flies, even in summer. A weekly clean of the stalls is sufficient and even the dung heaps are fly-free.

I began administering EM in March and, I observed that in the spring, the horses underwent their coat change quickly and without any depression. Our horses have always been well provided for, even before the introduction of EM and they always looked good, but now they look even better.

Basic conditions have improved; the animals are fit and relaxed, ready to take up work, and excellently focused. Their nervous strength has also increased.

A 22-year-old mare suffering from a fungal infection winter did not recover in spite of veterinary treatment. Her immune system weakened. With the external application of EMa, the fungus was controlled. With the internal administration of EM, I am happy to report that the mare is able to enjoy her life again and is quite well.

One of our horses had been suffering, for about 4 years, from a superficial horn fissure starting at the coronet band. It did not disappear despite skillful farrier treatment. With the application of EM, the crack initially closed over 4cm and later healed completely.

Our horses are sprayed with diluted EM when they return from a ride. Their coats are never sticky and are easy to clean. Minor wounds are treated immediately and the risk of phlegmon is controlled.

In the case of wounds, I apply undiluted EMa and observe amazingly fast healing. Additionally, I need not be concerned with unauthorized doping prior to a tournament.

Pasterns receive regular sprays with EM, and mycotic dermatitis problems have disappeared. Regular spraying on mane, crests, and docks has resulted in a drastic reduction of itching and rubbing.

I also spray the saddlecloths after use. They remain odour free and do not become stiffened with sweat as they would without EM treatment.

Friends of ours own a horse suffering from summer eczema; have been applying undiluted EMa once a week. They observe that the horse has kept its beautiful mane and that its dock has not been rubbed bald.

Another horse keeper approached me, as her mare suffered from an open sore on the withers caused by a strap on the saddlecloth. Veterinary treatment had not worked. With spray applications of EMa, the first hair came back within four days.

A 25-year-old “pensioner” in my sister’s care has taken a dip in the fountain of youth since he has been receiving EM. He struggled through last winter and caused some concern. All this has past. He is fit again, has become surprisingly flexible, and is full of mischief like a youngster of three years.

During this season’s hay harvest, we applied EMa for the first time, with success. Our horses, known to be dust sensitive and vaccinated against cough, could eat from dry test bales without any cough attacks. This made us apply EMa during the straw harvest.

There are hardly any limitations to the applications of EM, and all of the work. I can hardly consider doing without EM in the house, garden, or stable. Man and animal are in good health. Cleaning procedures are easy and thorough. Plants exhibit excellent growth and we are looking forward to the tomato harvest.