Bad smells in barns and stables are caused by increasing harmful microorganisms, which, in turn, produce harmful substances and toxins. And bad odours attract flies.

By spraying a solution of A-EM1™ in the livestock barn, and adding a solution of A-EM1™ into the animals’ drinking water, the odour will be suppressed, the animals will endure less stress, their general health will improve and flies and ticks in their immediate environment will decrease.

Moreover, the A-EM1™ solution in drinking water will improve the microflora in the animals’ intestines that will produce good quality manure.

A-EM1™ is also applied to pastures with good results.


Odour Control - Initial Shock Treatment - add 1ℓ A-EM™ to 20ℓ water and apply directly to affected area. The 20ℓ dilution will be sufficient to cover 20m².

Repeat treatment with 1:50 dilution once every 14 days.