Vegetable Farming

Use A-EM1™ as


  • a pre-planting treatment
  • at the planting or transplanting stages of vegetables and herbs
  • repeat applications every 2 to 3 weeks during crop growth.

After crops are harvested, A-EM1™ assists in breaking down crop residues before incorporating residues into the soil.

Also apply A-EM1™ to cover-crops and green manures.



Crop Farming

A key factor in enhanced crop production is the availability of organic matter and the presence of effective microorganisms to decompose these materials.

Used as a soil inoculent, A-EM1™ will enhance plant growth, yield, and quality of crops.



  • Promotes germination, flowering, fruiting and ripening in plant
  • Improves the soil’s physical, chemical and biological environments and suppresses soil borne pathogens and pest
  • Enhances the photosynthetic capacity of crops
  • Ensures better germination and plant establishment
  • Increases the efficacy of organic matter as fertilizers


Nature Farming

Nature Farming is a simple and effective method of growing food crops without harming the environment. More importantly, it addresses sustainability and the use of available resources to produce sufficient quantities of healthy food for mankind.


The basic techniques include:


  • Application of fully fermented compost and fermented organic matter to the soil
  • Addition of organic matter to the soil surface
  • Growing crops suitable for the soil in suitable seasons
  • Crop rotation (mixed planting and green manure cultivation can be thought of as a short term crop rotation)
  • Collection of seed by farmers


Aerobic and Anaerobic composts

Principles of Nature Farming:

  • It produces safe and nutritious food to enhance human health.
  • It is economically and spiritually beneficial to both producers (farmers) and consumers.
  • It is sustainable and easily practiced by everyone.
  • It conserves our environment.
  • It produces sufficient food of high quality for an expanding world population.


Nature Farming is a rather new concept in South Africa; however ZZ2, perhaps the largest producer of tomatoes in the southern hemisphere implemented Nature Farming principles as far back as 2002. ZZ2 also produces onions, avocados, apples, pears and beef. Tomatoes are the main crop within the region of 160 000 tonnes being produced annually.




Spray A-EM1™ on soil as a pre-planting treatment or inoculate seeds or transplants. A-EM1™ can be applied to growing crops  through irrigation systems or as a foliar spray.

A-EM1™ enhances the growth of nursery crops and container-grown plants.

In hydroponics A-EM1™ will coat the root systems with effective microorganisms and make nutrient up-take more efficient.



  • Soil Preparation - add 1ℓ A-EM™ to every 500ℓ water in the tank/container and apply directly to prepared soil.
  • A dilution of 10ℓ A-EM™ : 5 000ℓ water is sufficient for 1 hectare.
  • Growing Season - add 1ℓ A-EM™ to every 1 000ℓ of water in the tenk/container and apply directly to prepared soil.
  • A dilution of 10ℓ A-EM™ : 1 0000ℓ water is sufficient for 1 hectare.
  • Repeat application every 14 days.
  • Foliar Spray - add 1ℓ A-EM™ to 500ℓ water and spray crop foliage once every 14 days.
  • Compost Production - add 1ℓ A-EM™ to 100ℓ liter water and apply to new material and when turning compost. The 1ℓ dilution will be sufficient to cover 1m³