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EM™ in South Africa:

In 1997 South Africa was introduced to Prof Higa’s EM Technology for the development of sustainable crop production as well as an improved environment management system.

During 1998 the first scientifically based evaluations and experiments were conducted by Prof Koos Prinsloo, then Director of the Aquaculture Research Centre at University of the North (Limpopo).

Prof Prinsloo was amazed at the results: the use of  EM Bokashi and compost, as well as regular applications of activated EM, above average lettuce heads and massive spinach leaves – without the addition of any chemical products.

Subsequently EM Technology was incorporated at all levels of the Integrated Aquaculture Agriculture Food Production System experiments at the Research Centre.

When Prof Higa visited South Africa in 1998, and noticed Prof Prinsloo’s natural perception and application of EM Technology, he invited Prof Prinsloo to play a leading role in organizing the 6th International Kuyesi Nature Farming Congress that took place at the University of Pretoria and the University of the North in 1999. Two papers were presented on the results recorded by Prof Prinsloo.

Those results paved the way for the integration of EM Technology in the farming techniques and practice of the country’s largest commercial food producers, such as ZZ2 (tomatoes and unions), Rugani (carrots) and Al-3 Boerdery (potatoes).

Due to his remarkable successes using EM Technology, EMRO invited Prof Prinsloo to present research papers at international EM Nature Farming congresses in Japan, North Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

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In many instances, Effective Microorganisms™ (EM™) has become synonymous with sustainability in agriculture as well as the environment.

Johann Abrie of EMlife, Mr. Fukugauchi of EMRO Japan and Prof. Koos Prinsloo


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